Meatless Monday never disappoints


Another #MeatlessMonday 😄 leftover #tabouli #butternutsquash #jasminerice #roastedeggplant and #roastedgarlic
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6 thoughts on “Meatless Monday never disappoints

      1. I love the sound of all those seasonings! I just happened to by a bunch of baby eggplants yesterday. I cooked up some of them with massaman curry paste, but for the rest of them I might try this! 😀

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      2. i love curried eggplant…yum. For amzing results and smokiness, make small incisions in the eggplant and stuff them with a few garlic cloves and rub the skin with olive oil. Roast the eggplants over an open flame. If you are roasting on the stove, cover the bottom of the burner with aluminum foil, otherwise the bbq grill is the best bet. Let the eggplants cook fully, remove from flame and then carely scrape the pulp. Heat olive oil and saute some shallots and habaneros or jalapenos. Pour over the pulp and add salt. Use a fork to smash and mix. We usually eat it with homemade roti/chapati/naan. Hope you enjoy


      3. Thank you so much! Your description of the process sounds so tempting. I love the idea of stuffing the eggplants with the garlic. I never would have thought of that! This sounds like a really fantastic idea for an outdoor BBQ! Maybe instead of cooking them inside with the oven (it’s too hot for that anyways!), I’ll roast them outside. Thanks again!


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